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The following is a list of Membership Eligibility Guidelines for applicants who are actively involved in vintage fashion work, but who are not dealers. Examples would be authors or fashion editors, curators, stylists, historians and librarians of fashion history. If you fit one of the eligibility requirements listed below, and you do not sell vintage, please use this Vintage Fashion Professional Application.

Note: If you currently sell online please use the Vintage Fashion Online Seller application.

  • Maintains a fashion history website or vintage fashion related blog
    • Blogs must have been in existence for at least a year, and must show frequent updates
  • Author of articles/books on fashion history or construction or journalist
  • Museum professional in a costume or textile collection
  • Educator in a fashion-related program at the university level
  • Reputation in the field of fashion, fashion history or vintage clothing
  • Costume designers with historical clothing experience
  • Applicants will be held to the VFG Code of Practice
  • We require the following as applicable:
    • Photos of any displays or exhibitions which you have organized
    • Scans or links to any websites, newspaper articles, or reviews of your work in vintage
    • A list of published works
    • Summary of your teaching credentials and experience
    • Sketches of your costume designs, still theatrical photos or video excerpts
    • If the above items are not available on the web, you will be sent instructions on where to email once your application has been received

All submitted applications are thoroughly reviewed by the VFG membership committee. Omission or misrepresentation of information on this application can be considered as grounds for denial of membership

Note: VFG Membership Committee will not conduct research or correct broken links. Please provide all necessary information and functional links to support your application.

Also note: If you do not receive an email confirmation of application received within two business days please contact the membership committee. We are an an all-volunteer organization with members worldwide and it can take 2-3 weeks to fully review an application.




Vintage Fashion Professional Application
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