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A little bit about us

The Vintage Fashion Guild™ (VFG) is an international community of people with expertise in vintage fashion. VFG members enjoy a wealth of resources, avenues for promoting their shops and specialties, and camaraderie with others who share a common interest and passion.

Founded in 2002, the VFG is a premier source of education and information, as well as for reputable sellers of vintage clothing, jewelry, purses, hats, and all fashion accessories. Our membership includes people with expertise in the field, such as:

  • Online vintage sellers
  • Retail (bricks-and-mortar) vintage sellers
  • Designers
  • Costumers
  • Fashion writers and editors
  • Vintage-content journalists and bloggers
  • Museum, collection, and exhibition curators
  • Fashion researchers and historians
  • Librarians and archivists

Member benefits include:

  • Numerous opportunities for promotion that give members visibility to thousands of viewers: Weekly promotion through our public “Fresh Vintage” and “Vintage Parade” events; exposure on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and the VFG’s own blog; selling in the VFG Facebook Shop; and more
  • Access to private forums where members share, learn, and have fun—discussing, dating and identifying vintage fashion, care and restoration, ways to promote their businesses, and more. It’s a place to chat about all things vintage fashion with like-minded individuals.
  • Opportunity to sell to and buy from fellow members in our private forums
  • Listing in our VFG Member Directory, which helps visitors find trustworthy vintage shops online and in the real world
  • Opportunities to post news about their shops, curated shows, books, and other accomplishments, which is shared in the VFG Newsletter and on other venues
  • Use of the VFG logo, a symbol of trust and integrity
  • The VFG website, which offers leading, in-depth resources for information on a number of topics
  • Chance to contribute to a community and its mission to promote and preserve vintage fashion

Benefits to the public:

For anyone interested in vintage fashion, we offer free registration on our Public Forum. Guests can view our weekly member promotions, ask questions about designers and labels, dating and care, and more. This forum gives our trade members enhanced visibility among aficionados and more ways to share their passion and knowledge.


We encourage vintage fashion sellers and others with expertise to apply for VFG membership!



“The VFG is the go-to anytime like minds need help with their vintage fashion. When someone is mentioned as a VFG member, they are instantly regarded as a highly educated and knowledgeable vintage-fashion professional.”

Peaceful Vintage

“spent a small fortune annually on books about vintage, but here, ultimately, is where I do most of my learning.

It’s an amazing resource and community, worth far more to me than the $35 I invest to belong!”

Curio Vintage

“After participating in the VFG’s free weekly promotions, our shop traffic always increases and often we have sold that item (or more), which far out-price our annual dues of only $35!.. this is by far the best marketing investment we make for our business!”

The Vintage Merchant

“The things I have learned here – from vintage information to tips on really obscure things to look for to sell that have nothing to do with vintage but garner good money – have literally earned me thousands of dollars over the last few years.”

Cosmic Cowgirl