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To be considered for VFG membership you must have:

  • At least one year of verifiable experience selling online or at least 100 feedback, AND
  • At least 50 vintage items for sale online, or 50 vintage items including sold items that can be reviewed online, AND
  • The majority (55% or more) of all items you have for sale must be vintage clothing, accessories, jewelry, and/or sewing supplies (patterns, fabric, buttons, trims, etc.)

The VFG requires the following (please refer to the VFG Code of Practice):

Comprehensive descriptions of items including
  • Accurate dating
  • The presence or lack of any and all labels, or mention if there are none
  • Fabric/fiber content, gems, stones, material, or best-educated guess if you are unsure
  • Construction details (zipper type, seams, shoulder pads, closures, etc.)
  • Any unique features, patterns, or colors
  • Complete, honest and accurate condition reports with full disclosure of any and all repairs, flaws or alteration. The use of the term “vintage condition” must be backed up by further description of the issues
  • Easy to read descriptions with attention to spelling and grammar
A minimum of the following measurements:
  • Garments: length, bust, waist, and hips (when fitted)
  • Gloves: tip of middle finger to hem and across the palm
  • Hats: circumference of sweatband and depth of crown
  • Shoes: tip of toe to heel, heel height, and width across tread
  • Handbags: depth, height, length of handle, and measurement across the top
  • Jewelry and other fashion accessories: length and width when applicable
Photos should:
  • Be clear, well-lit, and against clutter-free backgrounds
  • Show all angles of garments; jewelry; front, back, and any closures.
  • Include proper presentation: be sure garments are wrinkle free and lingerie and swimwear items are tastefully displayed
  • Include any repairs, known alterations, flaws

Policies must be easily accessible to buyers. They should be concise, specifically address terms of sale, returns and refunds, and be in compliance with all applicable laws.

VFG Members may NOT:

  • Modify or alter undamaged vintage items for resale purposes
  • Attempt to confuse, mislead, or otherwise falsely describe any goods offered for sale nor knowingly trade in counterfeit goods
  • Use inappropriate keywords or “keyword spam” in listings
  • Sell fur or other wildlife products that are legally prohibited from being sold unless certificate or exemption has been granted and is shown in listing
  • Disparage the VFG or its members on any social media or online platform
  • Act or speak on behalf of the VFG unless expressly authorized by the VFG board

Before proceeding please make sure you meet each one of the requirements listed above.

Note: If you do not receive an email confirmation of application received within two business days please contact the membership committee. We are an an all-volunteer organization with members worldwide and it can take 2-3 weeks to fully review an application.

Vintage Fashion Online Seller Application

Your details

Please rate yourself honestly on the following practices by selecting the appropriate response
1. Provide date (decade or date range) for each item for sale
2. Use appropriate keywords for era
3. Provide ample photos with different views
4. Provide label information or note if item is home/custom sewn; for jewelry provide any maker’s marks
5. Provide photo of label or maker's mark
6. Provide construction details, such as metal zipper, pinked seams, shoulder pads, closures on jewelry and other unusual or outstanding features
7. Provide clear terms of sale including shipping and return policy
8. Package with care
9. Ship in a timely manner
10. Provide friendly customer service
11. Provide clear condition statements
12. Provide full set of measurements
13. Present item in best light, steamed or pressed, with uncluttered background
14. Provide clear description, including any flaws
Name both the fiber and type of fabric (e.g., silk satin, wool gabardine, cotton chintz) or best-educated guess. For jewelry, name gemstones, stones and metal if known, or best-educated guess

Have you rated yourself less than a 3 on any of the above? If so, please do not apply at this time.

Applications that do not meet the VFG's minimum requirements, as stated in our Code of Practice, will not be forwarded for review. We look forward to receiving and reviewing your application once our minimum criteria are met.

If yes, what was the outcome?