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Vintage Fashion Guild Members offer vintage fashion and fashion-related items that are at least twenty years old. We conduct ourselves in a professional and courteous manner at all times. We follow the VFG Code of Practice by providing the following in our online listings:


1. Accurate, complete descriptions that include:

  • Dating to within approximately 10 years
  • Photos and mention of any labels or maker’s marks
  • Fabric weave and fiber content if known—or best-educated guess
  • For jewelry: gemstones, stones, and metal if known—or best-educated guess
  • Notable construction details (e.g. zipper type, presence of shoulder pads, closures on jewelry) and unusual or outstanding features
  • Complete, accurate condition notes. The term “vintage condition” does not substitute for a description of the issues and should not be used to infer that vintage items are inherently flawed.
  • Details and photos of known repairs, alterations, and flaws
  • Descriptions must be clear and easy to read, with correct spelling and grammar

The VFG’s Quick Tips for Dating VintageFabric Resource, and Condition Chart are helpful references

2. Written measurements as appropriate:

  • Clothing: length, bust (or chest), waist, and hips (when fitted); sleeve length, shoulder-to-shoulder, inseam (when needed to determine fit)
  • Hats: circumference of sweatband, depth of crown (when applicable)
  • Shoes: tip of toe to heel, heel height, and width across tread
  • Handbags: depth, height, and length across bottom or top (whichever is longest)
  • Jewelry and other fashion accessories: length and width
  • Gloves: tip of middle finger to hem and across the palm
  • Linens: length and width

See VFG’s Measurement Charts for reference

3. Photos should:

  • Be clear, well-lit, and uncluttered
  • Show multiple angles of items; e.g. front, back, maker’s marks if any, and closures on jewelry
  • Garments should be wrinkle-free and tastefully shown, especially lingerie and swimwear

4. Sellers’ policies should be readily accessible; should address specific terms of sale, returns, and refunds; and be in compliance with all applicable laws. Sellers should inform buyers that additional information is available upon request.

5. VFG Members may NOT:

  • Modify or alter undamaged vintage items for resale
  • Attempt to mislead; use keyword spam; falsely describe; or knowingly offer counterfeit goods
  • Sell legally prohibited wildlife products (see CITES)
  • Sell PDFs or other reproductions of patterns, catalogs, or previously published works not in the public domain
  • Use photos or words in their listings under an active copyright