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With a new week starting, we get to enjoy some Fresh Vintage, the weekly event where VFG seller members share some of their latest vintage fashion items that are for sale on their various venues. If you would like to see more of this week’s Fresh listings, click HERE.

a 40s rouge compact case by Evening in Paris from The Vintage Merchant

a 70s 3 piece men’s checked suit from Poppy’s Vintage Clothing

a 50s/60s sheer Hawaiian scarf from Another Time Vintage Apparel

a 60s needlepoint, wicker , and luctire bag from Rachel WNPCSOLD

90s jade & silver tear drop earrings from MetroRetro Vintage

a 70s angel sleeved Afghani top from Joyatri

a 50s shirtwaist day dress in turquoise & pink plaid from MagsRags Vintage

And that’s it for now! We’ll be back next week, and the vintage is always Fresh!