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As promised, here are the items being offered in the Vintage Fashion Guild’s fundraising auction on Instagram @vintagefashionguild (

The first auctions close on April 27, so please do not delay!

If you share our passion for vintage fashion, please help us continue our work by bidding on our auction items, or making a direct donation, to keep the VFG alive and well—able to pursue its mission to inspire vintage fashion knowledge and appreciation.

A small army of past and present volunteers is responsible for the creation and growth of the Vintage Fashion Guild. Our unique nonprofit organization offers valuable content which can be accessed by anyone. Likewise, in the public forums the expertise of VFG members is available to all.

Our work is offered at no cost to the public, but it it is costly to maintain. Membership dues can only cover part of our expenses—we rely on donations to make up the difference.

✅ Number of visits to our website in the past year: over 2.5 million

✅ Number of paid staff over the 20-year history of the VFG: Zero

✅ How much we appreciate your support: Immeasurably!

To participate in our auction, please find yourself something lovely and bid.
To make a direct donation: Support the VFG

Thank you.