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Please read first:

Membership in the Vintage Fashion Guild™ (VFG) is open to experienced professionals in the vintage fashion industry including, but not limited to: sellers, stylists, designers, fashion editors, curators, researchers, educators, historians and librarians of fashion history.

Annual Dues: $35 USD

All applicants will be held to the Vintage Fashion Guild CODE OF PRACTICE
Please read this carefully before submitting your application.

The VFG offers three application choices:

Online Seller

Retail Seller

Non Seller Trade Professional

Please read through the requirements provided for each and choose the appropriate application. If you are a Retail Seller who also sells online…Please use the Online Seller application. You can add info about your brick and mortar location in the comments section provided.

Applications will be treated with strict confidentiality.

Vintage Fashion Guild Non Discrimination Policy:
The Vintage Fashion Guild is a nonprofit corporation that does not discriminate in its admission practices for any reason, including race, sex, color, national origin, creed, sexual orientation, or mental or physical disability.

Note: All memberships are equal once application is accepted. There is no classification difference. All members are subject to the same expectations of honest representation, and are eligible for all the benefits of VFG membership.

Apply for Membership

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