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Fabrice Simon (pronounced See-MOHN) studied textile design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and worked for two fabric manufacturers before starting his own company, simply named Fabrice, in the mid 1970s. He was best known during the 1980s for his fabulous beaded dresses that featured asymmetric designs and uneven edges that followed the designs of the beading. Fabrice would design the beading first, which was translated onto the flat yard goods in his native Haiti. The fabrics were then cut and made into dresses at his New York loft.

In 1985 he began designing menswear and more structured women’s garments devoid of beading. Fabrice won a Coty Fashion Critics award in 1981. In 1994, he left the fashion industry to return to painting. He died in 1998 at the age of 47.

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from a late 1980s non-beaded dress  - Courtesy of

from a late 1980s non-beaded dress

Courtesy of