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Leonard Arkin founded his company in 1927. He manufactured suits, coats, and dresses for daytime and cocktail hour.

Mr. Arkin was a director of the Fashion Originator’s Guild. The company specialized in interpretations of Paris originals for the moderate to bridge market. Chester Weinberg designed for the company in the early 1950s.

By 1960, Leonard’s son Andrew had joined the business and the company produced four labels: Leonard Arkin, Andrew Arkin, Special Editions by Anne Fogarty, and Special Occasions. They were producing 500,000 garments a year in 39 plants in New Jersey and New York with 1200 employees. The company disappeared from media mention in 1969, but it is unclear when it went out of business.

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from a 1960s dress  - Courtesy of

from a 1960s dress

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