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This resource can be used to help identify what kind of fur you may have but should not be the only source considered. It is up to the viewer to determine if it is legal or endangered product. The VFG will not be responsible for any transaction of illegal or endangered species based on information contained on this website. Please research all animal products thoroughly.

Several groups of people are concerned that certain animal species are threatened with extinction and that the wearing of furs represents cruelty to animals. In order to protect them efforts by such organizations as the World Wildlife Fund, the Friends of Animals, and the Fur Conservation Institute of America have resulted in the enactment of the Endangered Species Conservation Act of 1973 and its added convention in 1977.

In the U.S. and nearly 80 other nations there is established procedures to control and monitor the import and export of imperiled species covered by the treaty. The act and convention define as endangered any species that is in danger of extinction and as threatened, any species that is likely to become endangered within the foreseeable future.

Covered by the act and convention are some seals, many cats, otters, badgers, kangaroos, Colobus monkeys, some rabbits, non-fur-farmed chinchilla, flying squirrels and wolves. The agreement with other countries and within the U.S. is that furs will not move in any country or interstate commerce unless proof is provided that the species is not threatened or endangered.

Many species are added each year.

To find out if your fur is endangered please click below:

Endangered Species Program

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