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My thanks to Janine Trusello, for bundles of her beloved mother’s fabric swatches, and to Gayle Reeves for the loan of more fabrics than I could easily carry out her door. Thanks to Karen at Ditzy Prints for generously allowing the use of her excellent Fiber Burn Chart. Many thanks to the VFG Presidents since 2007 who have helped me in every way they possibly could, including Carolyn Schreiber, Linda Meiners Warren and Brenda Molina. Brenda has put her all into helping me get the resource onto the present VFG website.

To Jonathan Walford for his expert advice at the outset, and to Claire Schaeffer for her suggestions and ideas, fabric swatches, and the use of definitions from her superb Fabric Sewing Guide.

To all the members of the Vintage Fashion Guild, for their knowledge of, and curiosity about fabrics, which surfaces regularly in the VFG forums.

For having spectacular photographic equipment and knowing how to use it, my most sincere ongoing respect and appreciation to Hoyt Carter.

Finally, my most heartfelt thanks to my husband John Paxson, for his myriad contributions to this—and everything—that I do.

—Maggie Wilds (denisebrain)

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