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Unique, Quality Vintage Menswear

Meet Maureen Grossmyer, proprietor of the popular Jaunty Rooster vintage menswear shop on etsy.
She strives to bring only the most unique vintage menswear with a focus on suits and formal wear to her customers.
Maureen says, “I am always on the lookout for those oddly colored mid-century sharkskin suits or those absurd and wonderful 1970s lapels and wide legs. My tastes and inventory run the gamut from the wild and crazy all the way to the traditional and I like to stock all eras from the 1900s thru the early 1990s”.

Maureen started her vintage career selling clothing for both men and women but soon realized that she was much more interested in menswear.
Maureen says that this influence probably comes from her older brother who was and still is very sartorially inclined. “I think I was the only person in my class who knew the proper preppy break for pants or what Trafalgar limited edition braces were (I am still doggedly trying to pry that collection from his hands to list here). His love of fashion translated to my own wardrobe but I remained interested in menswear which caused me to amass a fairly substantial collection of great vintage suits.”

Maureen features some of that collection in her etsy shop, The Jaunty Rooster .

Maureen Grossmyer- A proud member of the Vintage Fashion Guild.

Maureen has a vast collection of menswear, so if you are looking for something special feel free to convo her through her vintage menswear shop on etsy, The Jaunty Rooster !

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