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It’s Monday and I am here with this week’s Fresh Vintage! Every week, I share a few selections from our weekly forum thread (see it all by clicking HERE ) where VFG members share early access to their latest listings from multiple selling venues.

a Deco era sterling silver bracelet with pink glass from Marzilli Vintage

a 40s/50s Western themed necktie from MagsRags Vintage

a 50s lucite box purse with gold tone floral hardware from Rachel WNPC

a 90s sheer smock minidress by April Cornell from Amanda in Vermont

a 60s Hawaiian maxidress by Ui Mai Kai from Straylight Vintage

a 30s celluloid buckle and clip, Japanese made, from Poppy’s Vintage Clothing

a set of three 50s bow ties from Another Time Vintage Apparel

a 70s matelasse pinafore dress by Henri Bendel from Noble Vintage Clothier

a 50s straw bag by Simon Bros. New York from Vintage Runway

That’s a wrap, for this week at least. The vintage won’t get stale but it might get sold, so don’t let it slip by!