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The Vintage Fashion Guild is PROUD to shine the spotlight on one of our own.
The rock-stars of vintage, CarlaAndCarla!A one stop shop for any vintage lover.
Be careful! You are bound to become a CarlaAndCarla groupie!
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Vintage clothing? I can’t remember a time in my life without it!

I grew up working alongside my mother in her Brooklyn theater company, surrounded by Victorian mourning jackets, flapper dresses, beaded-anything and glorious feathered hats! Such fantasy!

New York City in the early ‘80s had a great and cheap abundance of vintage clothing. Every 20 feet there was a vintage store. Racks upon racks of ‘40s dresses, ‘50s dresses and bins of pedal pushers and army/navy jackets.

Back then, I loved mixing ‘30s and ‘40s crepe dresses with fishnets and leather and wearing grandma cardigans backwards with anything Betsey Johnson! Man-tailored tuxedo jackets with pedal pushers and pointy toe cowboy boots were signature staples in my closet.

I founded C&C to offer my rich history in fashion to girls who dress with an edge and – like I did in the ‘80s – lived life a bit on the edge, too.

I would not sell anything in this shop I would not wear myself – and I look forward to seeing what treasures from my collection you choose for you.


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