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On August 5, one of our members spotted something interesting: One of the VFG Forums had reached a staggering 100,000 posts.

The Vintage Fashion Guild Forum is the place where VFG Trade Members and Registered Guests meet to discuss all things vintage fashion. Anyone can sign up as a guest. (If you are interested in becoming a Trade Member, please see Apply for Membership.)

The forums were started in 2004, two years after the VFG was founded. Since then, the most popular of all the forum headings has been Vintage Fashion – Ask Questions Get Answers. That is the place to get and give help with dating, cleaning, and identifying vintage fashion.

There, everything is asked, from What is this? (they were ladies cufflinks), to What shoes should I wear with my 1970s vintage wedding dress? (she liked the boot idea), to Is this a genuine 1950s Dior? (it was). You might not get an answer, but more often than not you will.

Come talk vintage with us—in the forums!

P.S. That Q & A forum is now up to 101,612 posts!

Written by Maggie Wilds/denisebrain

A forum milestone