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The Vintage Fashion Guild ™(VFG) is an international collective of people who are passionate and knowledgeable about vintage clothing. Founded in 2002 by a group of online vintage sellers, the group now also includes retail (brick-and-mortar) vintage sellers, stylists, designers, fashion editors, writers, journalists, vintage related bloggers, curators, researchers, historians and librarians of fashion history. The web site is our meeting place, and a place for the general public to explore many aspects of vintage fashion.

Our trade members are respected sellers, entitled to use the VFG logo, a symbol of trust and integrity for your buyers. Trade members are invited to join our private trade discussion forums. Our site and its resources are constantly being updated and created by our members, providing an outlet for web publication. We strive to promote our member’s work through featuring members on the VFG website, blog, and other social media outlets. We acknowledge and promote their accomplishments, featuring their books, and showcasing their offerings on our public forums and blogs. We are constantly thinking of new ways to promote VFG members.

It is free to join us on our public forums as a “friend” of the VFG but if you are an experienced, professional seller, or are a vintage fashion professional in another field such as writing or museum work then you may want to take the next step and apply for trade membership.

Here is what some of our current members have to say about VFG membership:

Bang for the Buck!

“In the short time I have been a member of VFG I have realized a return on my investment many times over in added exposure as well as information and marketing tools.” Glamour Puss Vintage

“I’m afraid that I may have enjoyed more than my $35 worth of this place… but I’m sure someone will let me know when I go over my allotment!” Bijou Vintage

“I spend a small fortune annually on books about vintage, but here, ultimately, is where I do most of my learning. It’s an amazing resource and community, worth far more to me than the $35 I dish out to belong!” Glad Rags & Curios

“Being just shy of $3.00 a month, I feel it’s the best bargain around. There are so many benefits and there’s not a day that goes by that I do not learn something here.” The Merchants of Vintage

“When I think of all the advertising & promotion The Vintage Fashion Guild does, as a whole and for individual members, what the VFG membership seal represents in the vintage community, the camaraderie and professional advice I get here, the resources the guild provides & how much those cost to maintain (forums, label resource, etc) and the plain old FUN I have, I think it’s well worth the money.” Laura

“The things I have learned here —- from vintage information to tips on really obscure things to look for to sell that have nothing to do with vintage but garner good money —- have literally earned me thousands of dollars over the last few years.” Cosmic Cowgirl

“I love reading the posts here: every day I learn something more and I love that the forums are a resource of people who know all sorts of things that I do and do not know. As a trader, I need access to that information, and the results are very rapid here.” Circa Vintage Clothing

Apply for Membership

Apply for Membership

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