Fabric “Looks Like”

The Fabric “Looks Like” categorization is a first impression concept for identifying fabrics. If your fabric is light, but there isn’t anything particularly pronounced about its look or texture, check Light to medium weight fabrics. If it is ribbed, are the ribs horizontal, vertical or diagonal? Check the ribbed category that fits.

In some cases, fabrics fall into more than one category; try starting with what you think is its most noticeable aspect. If you have little or no experience with fabrics, this may be the best place to start your search. One hint: All knits (no matter what else might be distinguished about them) are filed under knit fabrics here.

If you need to know what any term means in this list of categories, look it up in Fabrics A-Z.

  1. Netting
  2. Lightest open weave or sheer fabrics
  3. Very stiff open weave fabrics
  4. Non-netting fabrics with open patterns
  5. Light to medium weight fabrics
  6. Lustrous or glossy fabrics
  7. Finer heavy fabrics
  8. Coarser or thick heavy fabrics
  9. Pile and treated-pile fabrics
  10. Thick furry pile fabrics
  11. Pattern- or pucker-textured fabrics
  12. Slub-textured fabrics
  13. Loop-textured fabrics
  14. Horizontally ribbed fabrics
  15. Vertically ribbed fabrics
  16. Fabrics with clear diagonal ribs
  17. Fabrics with a soft brushed feel
  18. Woven pattern fabrics: even – geometric – checked
  19. Woven pattern fabrics: non-geometric
  20. Printed pattern fabrics
  21. Knit fabrics
  22. Fabrics with metallic yarn
  23. Fabrics made without knitting or weaving
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