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Jack Taylor was born on May 6, 1916. He got his start in creating custom fit, high quality men’s trousers, sports coats, suits and tuxedos by learning the ropes from a man who originally hired him to recruit new clients to his New York City suit business during the 1930s. Jack was a professional boxer at the time, and had been noticed for his skills by some prominent New Yorkers, including Jackie Gleason. His client list soon expanded to include Babe Ruth, the Duke of Windsor, and President Harry Truman.

Jack and his wife Bonnie moved to California in the mid-1950s, opening a tailor shop on Cañon Drive in Beverly Hills. His mastery and skill was immediately apparent. He used only the highest quality fabrics like silks and wools, seersuckers, and the finest tweeds. His tailoring was precise and perfect. So spread the word, and so did his business.

Jack quickly was hired by the likes of Sammy Davis Jr., Tony Bennett, Dean Martin and the entire Rat Pack – known to sport only the best and finest clothing in menswear. It is rumored that Frank Sinatra was buried in one of Jack’s suits. Jack was also tied with making garments for Cary Grant – yet another vintage style icon. In the 1960s and throughout the 1970s celebrities spent hours hanging out at Jack’s Tailor Shop around the monumentally sized pool table, drinking scotch and waiting to be fitted. Elvis visited his shop, and one of Jack’s best clients was TV game show host, Monty Hall, of Let’s Make A Deal. His lifestyle and famous friendships were mesmerizing enough for Hollywood to make a movie about him. “Jack Taylor of Beverly Hills” was released in 2009, immortalizing “the last great American tailor” and legend in the fashion industry, who retired at the age of 96.

Written by Racked Vintage

from a 1970s sport coat - Courtesy of Racked Vintage

from a 1970s sport coat

Courtesy of Racked Vintage