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Sue Brett was a popular juniors label from the 1950s through the 1970s. It’s founder, Jack Baker (1912-1994) came to New York from Pittsfield, Mass., at the age of 14, and began working in a dress factory. While still a teenager, he was out on the road selling dresses. In 1946, he went into business for himself under his own name, but in 1947, he changed the company’s name to Sue Brett to avoid confusion with another Jack Baker in the fashion business. The name Sue Brett was a playful reinvention of the french word “soubrette”, meaning lady’s maid or flirtatious female. A dancing doll became the company trademark. The family-owned business soon included Jack’s two sons Beau and Robert who each ran their own divisions, Beau handling the Missy line, Domino, and Robert running Tracy Petites. In addition to its showroom at 1400 Broadway, at its peak, Sue Brett Inc. had offices in Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, Minneapolis, and Charlotte, N.C.

Jack Baker died in Florida or complications from a stroke in 1994. The corporation was dissolved in 2012.

Written by Ranch Queen Vintage