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Founded as the Susquehanna Waist Company in 1916 by Samuel Netsky of Susquehanna, Pa., Ship ‘n Shore became widely known for its affordable and well-made line of classic, tailored women’s blouses. According to the US Trademark site, 1939 was the first use of the brand name Ship ‘n Shore.

The popularity of its blouses in the 1950s and 1960s secured its position as an iconic national casual sportswear brand that eventually added women’s pants, skirts and jackets, and eventually relocated to the Philadelphia suburbs.

Family-owned until 1977, it was purchased by General Mills and was sold exclusively through Montgomery Ward department stores. In 1981 the parent company announced plans to shut down three of its factories, causing some 400 employees to lose their jobs. Soon after, Montgomery Ward went bankrupt, and in 2002, the grandchildren of Ship ‘n Shore’s founder were able to buy the company back for their SWC Enterprises, Inc. Unfortunately, their plans for an updated product line and re-launch of the brand failed to materialize.

Written by Ranch Queen Vintage