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The Liza Peta company was formed around 1960 in Essex. In 1966 the company was purchased by a company in Leman Street, Aldgate, London, where manufacturing, administration and dispatch took place. The first showroom opened in approximately 1968 at 41 Great Portland Street, London W1.

Clothing was manufactured in the UK, for store groups and boutiques. Exports started to Europe around 1967. The clothing comprised of ladies separates, suits and dresses, initially for the mature woman, in the medium price bracket.

The company expanded and in approximately 1967, the ‘Liza Petite’ label was introduced. This included younger styles and smaller sizes, and was very well received. Around 1968 a company called ‘Mary Wilson’ was purchased and brought into the fold; clothing included an outsize version of Liza Peta for UK sizes 16-30. The three labels covered most ends of the market being stylish, well made and very well priced.

‘Liza Peta’ was a combination of the names of the children of the original directors of the formative company.

Clothing was manufactured mostly in the UK, although some of the ‘Liza Petite’ range was made in British Hong Kong. The fabrics used in the manufacture of the clothing was both British made and imported.

Of each of the brands, there were Spring and Autumn main ranges, with two smaller mid-season ranges. Clothing was sold in the UK via various fashion fairs such as the London Fashion Fair, Harrogate Fashion Fair, and via agents in the UK and Europe.

Written by catwalkcreativevintage

from a mid to late 1960s skirt suit - Courtesy of catwalkcreative

from a mid to late 1960s skirt suit

Courtesy of catwalkcreative