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Originally the company was Monte-Sano, having been founded by Vincent Monte-Sano in 1924. Monte-Sano was a custom tailor at the beginning, but by the 1940s he was producing ready-to-wear suits and coats. The workmanship continued to be of a very high quality.

In the 1950s, Max Pruzan became a partner and the name of the firm changed. Jacques Tiffeau was a designer there between 1952 and 1958 (and he also designed for Tiffeau & Busch, which was owned by Monte-Sano & Pruzan until 1966). The company continued into the 1960s, when they added dresses and evening wear to their collections. They continued to specialize in coats and suits, still using the handworked tailoring techniques for which the firm became famous.

Monte-Sano & Pruzan closed in 1969.

Written by fuzzylizzie

from an early 1950s tweed suit - Courtesy of

from an early 1950s tweed suit

Courtesy of