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Miss Mouse, the British boutique label of the 1970s, was started by the late Rae Spencer-Cullen. Rae moved in notorious creative circles with the likes of Duggie Fields, Zandra Rhodes and the artist Luciana Martinez de la Rosa. She was also involved in Andrew Logan’s now-legendary Alternative Miss World contests, creating the hostess’s gown in 1978.

Miss Mouse clothes were usually cute-with-a-twist, using brightly coloured novelty prints and trims in very Thirties/Forties style silhouettes. Rae used a signature spotty bow in both her prints and on the later woven label. The distinctive ‘with love and kisses’ satin label appears to have been the earliest Miss Mouse label.

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from an early 1970s dress - Courtesy of

from an early 1970s dress

Courtesy of