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Not to be confused with Gigi Young, Gigi Originals, Inc. usually had California on the label as well. The company was owned by Robert and Alan Helft and was apparently a short-lived importer, manufacturer and wholesaler of junior party and day dresses based in New York,NY. Ads and legal references found indicate dates of 1959 – 1961. The font of the label is extremely similar to that of the film logo for Gigi, released in 1958. In 1961, the report of the National Labor Relations Board mentions Elegant Bridals and Gigi Inc, and in 1962, The Daily Labor Report refers to: “Robert Helft and Alan Helft, Elegante Bridals, Inc., Helft Dresses, Inc. formerly known as Gigi Originals, Inc., Star Brite Originals, Star Brite, Inc. and K&H Dress Inc. New York, NY and North Bergen, NJ….”.

Written by Hollis Jenkins-Evans

from a late 1950s dress - Courtesy of 1950spinup

from a late 1950s dress

Courtesy of 1950spinup