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Jacques Esterel (1918-1974) was working as an engineer and designer of machine tools when he visited the home of Louis Féraud and was inspired to try his hand at fashion. He founded Creations Jacques Esterel in 1953, but due to his inexperience it was not until 1958 that the label really was launched. A year later, his creation of the wedding dress of French actress Brigitte Bardot helped establish his name in the fashion world.

Esterel continued to design until his death in 1974. After that time the label was kept going by his wife and daughter. In 1985 they were involved in a high profile lawsuit in which they charged Yves Saint Laurent with copying a famous Esterel design. They lost their criminal suit, but won in civil court.

Written by fuzzylizzie

from a 1959 suit - Courtesy of kickshawproductions

from a 1959 suit

Courtesy of kickshawproductions