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Emilio Borghese, Inc. produced mid-line Pucci style prints on polyester and nylon dresses from approximately 1966–1979, with a big presence in ads and department stores from 1966–1974.

The trademark for Emilio Borghese was registered in 1973, by the Lugay Frocks, Inc. located at 463 7th Ave, NYC, NY. The notation states that “ ‘Emilio Borghese’ is not the name of any known individual”. The trademark was registered for dresses and pantsuits, with a first use of 11/26/1969.

In 1973, Emilio Borghese, Inc. registered a trademark for a polyester fabric: Poly-Swa. They marketed these dresses and this fabric in ad campaigns and showed dresses with hangtags for Poly-Swa and ILGWU, indicating Union manufacture in the USA. Some labels have “Roma”, indicating some garments or fabrics may have been imported.

The Emilio Borghese, INC RN registration (#36268) does show the company as an Importer, Manufacturing and Wholesale at 1400 Broadway NY NY. Both the Borghese and Poly-Swa registrations were cancelled in 1979.

Written by Hollis Jenkins-Evans

from a 1970s dress - Courtesy of pinkyagogo

from a 1970s dress

Courtesy of pinkyagogo