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Biberman Make was the firm started in 1898 in Philadelphia by brothers Joseph and Lewis Biberman. They first made wrappers and then shirtwaists. Starting in fall 1919, the label was known as “L’Aiglon”. By this time they were also making dresses. In 1920, they built the Biberman Building, a factory, at 15th and Mt. Vernon Streets in Philadelphia, a mile north of city hall. They stayed at this address until they went out of business around 1968 (the last year they were listed in the telephone directory).

At one time Biberman employed over 400 workers at the factory, with an additional 500 at two mid-Pennsylvania branches in Northumberland and Sunbury, where at their height they produced 1,400 dresses a day.

Thanks to Sheryl Jablow for providing information.

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Written by fuzzylizzie

logo from a  spring 1919 advertisement  - Courtesy of

logo from a spring 1919 advertisement

Courtesy of