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Jeannette Hunt Alexander Hyland was the daughter of designer Peggy Hunt. Alexander got her start in the clothing business during WWII when she thought she might be able to make money mass manufacturing shoulder pads. Based in Los Angeles, she was able to acquire hard to find fabric in New York and used it to make her shoulder pads. She sold them to department stores and manufacturers across the United States.

Just after the war she began her own label, around 1947 or 1948. Her first line was a simple collection of skirts, then she added a few dresses. Within a short time she developed a full line that was successful until the early seventies when she retired. Jeannette Alexander is most noted for her lovely print day dresses.

Thanks to Jeannette Alexander’s daughter, Jacqui Hyland, for this information.

from an early 1960s dress - Courtesy of

from an early 1960s dress

Courtesy of