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Lipi Cat is a name used in the fur industry for Chinese Leopard Cat. It is one of the a subspecies of the small Asian Leopard Cat which is found across Southern and Eastern Asia. There are many subspecies of the small Asian Leopard cat but Chinese Leopard Cat is the only one internationally traded. Most are listed as endangered species but Chinese Leopard Cats are allowed to be traded with regulation, proper permitting, and are listed on Appendix II.

Chinese Leopard Cats are sometimes misidentified as house cats but they are actually much longer throughout the body and have they have rosettes, random spots, and golden fur similar to a leopard. They also have bands running from their forehead to the back of their necks, with black or brown spotted white belly fur.
Chinese Leopard Cats are usually found in China’s Yunnan Province. They have bolder markings than their subspecies, they live in deserts and forests, and they use their pattern to camoflauge themselves in the habitat they are in.

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Lipi Cat fur

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