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The reference calf refers to the young of mammals in the Bovinae subfamily such as cow, ox, bison, buffalo, and other related animals.

The image shown below is the calf of cow. Natural coloration is black, brown, white, a combination of some, or all. It sometimes dyed and stenciled to have the appearance of other animals. The hair is short and sleek. It feels smooth when brushed along the grain, but feels stiff when pushed against the grain, and rubs off from surface contact. For this reason leather trim is often added to areas that come in contact with surfaces. The leather is very soft. Coats, belts, handbags, gloves, hats, shoes, and other accessories are made from calfskin. Parchment documents and book bindings have been made from calfskin as well.

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Calf hide - Courtesy of

Calf hide

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