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A broad category of strong, closely constructed plain weave fabrics. The term duck is often used interchangeably with canvas. It is available in very firm heavy weights, as well as softer, lighter weights. Duck is most often cotton, but can sometimes be a cotton blend or linen. It can be unbleached, bleached, printed or dyed.

There seems to be some discrepancy about the name duck, with various sources claiming it resists water like a duck, or that it is derived from the Dutch doek (linen canvas). The most picturesque explanation for the name is that sails made in England and Scotland, imported to the US before the 19th century, were printed with logos depending upon their weights—lighter sails stenciled with a raven, those heavier with a duck.

Uses: Sails, tote bags, shoes, aprons and other utility clothes, awnings, tents, workwear, sportswear

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