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A rugged cotton or cotton blend fabric in a right- or left-hand twill weave. It was traditionally made with warp yarn dyed indigo blue with the weft left undyed. Indigo dye faded badly, which became one of denims charms. Available in many colors now, but indigo blue (usually synthetic dye at present) is far and away the most popular. Another beloved trait of denim is its softening over time. Many techniques have been employed to hasten softening, fading and signs of wear, including stone washing. Denim gets its name from a twilled fabric made in the French town Nimes, serge de nîmes.

Brushed denim is made by teasing out and brushing fiber ends with fine wires to form a soft nap.

Uses: Traditionally used for work clothes, denim’s popularity (particularly since the 1970s) has meant its use for everything from jeans to eveningwear, work wear to high fashion.

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