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Badger fur is long haired. It is usually left in it’s natural length with the exception of the grotzen hairs which are long mane like guard hairs that run down the center of the back which are plucked. Coloration varies from region to region with Canadian Badger having gray guardhair and pale white underfur, US Badger having gray guardhair and creamy underfur, and Asiatic Badger having grey guardhair and yellowish-brown underfur. The best Badger has a natural silvery tint. North American Badger is softer and fuller than other Badger.

Badger is very durable and can last years when properly cared for. It is heavy though so it is often leathered(a process where leather strips are added in between) which makes it much lighter but also less durable.

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Badger fur

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