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Quite a few members of the Vintage Fashion Guild regularly write about different aspects of fashion in their blogs. This blog will feature some our favorite entries.

VFG member and blogger Lizzie Bramlett wrote HERE about her recently purchased book of 1939 fabric swatches from a store in Times Square that specialized in theatrical fabrics.

She points out that the glitter on these swatches was simply glued on, but 78 years later the glitter is all still in place.

The company offered a wide range of colors in different fabric. The above was called Duvetyn. It is brushed on one side like flannel and appears to be cotton.

Particularly interesting is the page showing florescent fabrics where the fabric was printed to look one way under regular lighting, but under UV lights a different pattern appeared.

Lizzie is a former teacher and used to sell vintage clothing, but she found she preferred researching fashion history more than selling, so she started The Vintage Traveler blog in 2004. Her particular area of interest and collecting is sportswear and the history of the textile industry. Lizzie has been a VFG member since it was founded in 2002.

In addition to her BLOG Lizzie regularly posts on Instagram HERE .