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The romance and style of Paris has long captured the hearts of fashion-lovers around the world. Combining casual chic with understated elegance, simplicity is the cornerstone of the Parisian look. Timeless pieces in neutral tones are easy to mix & match… a crisp white shirt, paired with well-cut jeans and an oversized navy blazer, or a striped marinière top with straight trousers and a beige trench coat… while no wardrobe would be complete without a classic little black dress!

Parisian style is not only about looking good, but feeling good too. It exudes attitude, confidence and sassiness, and a well put-together outfit reflects this, balancing tight-fitting and feminine with oversized and masculine, while high-street and designer pieces are worn together with ease, creating a sophisticated style without being contrived or fussy. Footwear is comfortable and key staples include loafers, pumps, and slim-fitting boots. Accessories are de rigeur, whether a colourful silk scarf, a quality bag or simple jewelry, and finally, the pièce de résistance… stylish sunglasses complete the look. Et voila!

Rendez-vous with the Vintage Fashion Guild this week, as we celebrate à la mode Parisienne Chic!