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Do you want to see some of the best new listings from VFG members? Of course you do! That’s why we offer a weekly Fresh Vintage thread in the VFG forums, and share highlights here in our blog. If you would like to see everything posted this week, click HERE to go to the forum thread. You could also enjoy the offerings here, and use the linked photos to go to the venues where the items are on offer – your choice.

50s novelty print child’s hankie by Tom Lamb from My Vintage Clothes Line

50s mother of pearl compact by Schick from The Spectrum

60s prom dress by Lorrie Deb from Straylight Vintage

40s tile & leather clutch bag by Plasticflex from Vintage Runway

30s long arrow bakelite hat pin from Another Time Vintage Apparel

90s silk scarf by Jean Paul Jean Paul Gaultier from Black Lotus Vintage

60s barrel handbag, Hong Kong made, from Poppy’s Vintage Clothing

20s/30s necktie from MagsRags Vintage

That’s it for the moment. Drop in on us anytime, here or in the forums!