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Welcome back! this is Fresh Vintage, the weekly blog post where we show you a selection of new listings from VFG sellers. For a complete look at everything posted this week, head to the VFG forum thread by clicking “HERE“ . For our highlights here, you can see details on any listing by clicking on it – you will be taken to the listing complete with shopping cart.

Antique 20s celluloid button from Poppy’s Vintage Clothing

80s skirt set by Glenn Williams from Catseye Vintage

a 30s patchwork coat from Vintage Runway

60s wiggle dress with fur trimmed wrap by Lilli Diamond from Black Lotus Vintage

a 60s mesh dog collar-style choker from Another Time Vintage Apparel

a deadstock 70s pantssuit by Roncelli from Denisebrain

a Victorian amethyst Rose of Sharon intaglio ring from MetroRetro Vintage

a 50s/60s full skirt shirtwaist dress from MagsRags Vintage

a 60s Equestrian Italian silk scarf from My Vintage Clothes Line

a 70s maxidress by California Poppy from Rachel WNPC

a 70s summer dress from Straylight Vintage

80s tee shirt by Marimekko from Noble Vintage Clothier

Enjoy exploring and shopping, and see you next week with more Fresh Vintage!