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Hello, 2023!
It’s a new year, and the fabulous new listings of vintage fashion & accessories from VFG members continues flowing. Open this article to see a photo from each seller who posted to this week’s thread. To see everything in this week’s Fresh Vintage thread, click HERE.

a celestial hat by Jack McConnell from Rachel WNPC

a 70s psychedelic print dress by Mr Dino from Black Lotus Vintage

a 50s fur catalogue by Montgomery Wards from The Spectrum

a 50s rayon gab “Gabanaro” shirt by Arrow from MagsRags Vintage

a 60s silver rooster pin from My Vintage Clothes Line

a 40s necktie by Sandi Rochester from Poppy’s Vintage Clothing

signed Navajo earrings circa 1996 from Metro Retro Vintage

a 70s pantsuit by Rive Gauche St Laurent from Viva Vintage

a 70s articulated owl pendant from Vintage Runway

I’d say 2023 is off to a great start. We’ll be back next week with more Fresh Vintage!