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President: Maggie Wilds/denisebrain
I was born vintage. My parents were older, and their parents were older too. I was surrounded by older thoughts, behavior, and things—clothes, for instance.

My degrees are in music. Much of my life has been spent playing horn in orchestras and I have mentored quite a few horn students in college and private teaching.

Meanwhile, I’ve always loved old clothing, and was wearing it from the age of 13. I began selling vintage clothing as denisebrain in 1999. While still making music, vintage fashion is my second career and I’m smitten by it. There’s so much to know, and so much quality and variety to be found. I love that it is the most beautiful of reuse. I’ve recently shared what I’ve learned in a book, Wear Vintage Now: Choose It, Care for It, Style It Your Way.

Manatees are another passion. I donate 10% of my earnings for manatee protection, and work to raise awareness of their plight as endangered animals.

VFG member since 2005, I wrote and continue to expand the VFG’s Fabric Resource. It is exhilarating to serve as president, surrounded by knowledgeable, dedicated, and supportive people.

Vice President: Maggie Muellner/MagsRags
I grew up in hand-me-downs from various cousins. Despite that(!), I started wearing and collecting vintage in college and have been selling online since 2001. My favorite era is the 1940s—it appeals to my eye and suits my personal sense of style. I sell on EtsyThrilling, and I joined the VFG in 2007, and 2021 was my first year on the board, serving as Member at Large. I am also part of the VFG Shop on Facebook admin team, which includes shopVFG on Instagram.

I’m a retired midwife and GYN NP, and a self-taught dabbler in multiple fields, from graphics to gardening. Married, widowed, remarried, with a grown daughter who still models vintage for me when we can manage it. I spent many years in community theater, acting and costuming. I still work periodically with a Golden Age of Radio group, where I get to wear my best 40s vintage—including a hat! But I’ve stepped back from more time-intensive theater the last few years to indulge my travel itch—that has taken me to Europe, Southeast Asia, and most of the Hawaiian Islands. I look forward to discovering what else life has in store for me.

Treasurer: Victoria Lazarova/Vintagiality
For me, vintage fashion wasn’t a love at first sight but rather a slow and growing appreciation that became a passion. I first stumbled upon it when I found a stunning 1950s dress at an estate sale on Martha’s Vineyard in the early 2000s and felt an immense draw to it for its beauty, meticulous stitches, and in some way, the sense of presence of its previous owner.

It sparked a passion to research and learn about the designers, brands, and stores of bygone eras which gives me immense pleasure to this day. It sparked the creation of my shop, Vintagiality which has been on Etsy since 2010 and is also now on Thrilling.

It also introduced me to the VFG, a wonderful community of passionate and knowledgeable people with unfaltering dedication who have been so kind to share their expertise.

This is my second year on the VFG board and my first one as Treasurer. I have been on the VFG Label Resource team, one of my most favorite duties, since shortly after I joined.

Secretary: Harriet Ulph/Hattysattic
Like so many of us, I have been drawn to vintage clothing for as long as I can remember. My first experience selling the items I’d amassed from Saturday jumble sales was in a makeshift stall at Glastonbury Festival. I was 17 and that was it! I had found the perfect way to fund my vintage habit.
I gradually moved from fairs and festivals into my own website ‘tastyvintage’. From 2008 to 2019, I also had a bricks and mortar shop here in Lincolnshire UK, before downsizing to a private studio where I sell by appointment.

I first joined the VFG in May 2004, and served several terms on the VFG board in the early days. I will always be grateful for the support and knowledge I found here. Self employment can be a lonely business!
On a personal note, when I’m not rescuing old clothing and jewellery, my husband and I are slowly restoring a derelict Jacobean Revival house hidden out in the countryside, on a pay-as-you-go basis (while we camp out with the two youngest in the garden with our thermals on). My studio visits and buying trips are a welcome break, and I never forget how lucky I am to do what I love as a full-time job.

I still sell online via Etsy, and from my own website. You can find me on Instagram as @afternumbernine. I’m happy to be back in the boardroom, and to see just how much the VFG has grown since my last term. Maybe this year will be one where I get to meet up with some fellow members once again!

Member at Large: Linn Alber/Linn
I grew up in the Northeast; graduated from Boston University, and worked as an interior designer in Boston and NYC before moving to Hawaii. As an active member of the ASID Hawaii Chapter I participated in several Designer Show Houses, served as Chapter President, and taught interior design at the University of Hawaii, while running my interior design business.

I am an avid reader, lover of Classical music, opera, and many other types of music from folk to rock. I sit on the Hawaii Opera Theatre Board, and have chaired/worked on numerous fundraisers in Honolulu. I power walked four Honolulu Marathons, and start every day with a walk—weather permitting.

I began collecting decorative objects shortly after college. I purchased several pieces of Victorian jewelry from a dealer friend in Hawaii, and later started collecting vintage costume jewelry. I began selling vintage costume jewelry in 2003—after joining Jewel Collect, an online group of collectors and sellers. I attended VCFJ conventions in Rhode Island, and traveled to San Francisco for vintage shows, where in addition to jewelry to sell, I bought vintage clothing and accessories—to wear!

I became a Registered Guest in 2008 and a VFG Member in March, 2009. In 2010, I presented a Public Workshop on Vintage Jewelry that is still available on the Public Forum. I served as a MAL on the 2011 Board and as VFG President in 2012—our 10th anniversary. In 2021, I rejoined the Board as a MAL, and am currently serving the second year of my term. Over the years, I have made many friends, shared my love of vintage, and learned a lot!!!

Member at Large: Lorraine Bocharova/thegrannywardrobe
Hello everyone! This is my first year on the board of VFG, serving as a MAL. I’m also on the Social Media Committee and am submitting the morning posts for VFG Instagram/Facebook page. I look forward to service and growing with the VFG.

I grew up in Taiwan, lived in the UK for a decade and now my home base is in Vancouver, Canada with my boys (husband, baby and cat!)

I loved exploring my granny’s wardrobe when I was little, looking through the pieces and listening to her stories were the best childhood memories!

The Granny Wardrobe started in 2019, I sell on Etsy and via my website,

Member at Large: Mary Jane Enros/PoppysVintageClothing
I’ve been in the vintage clothing business for over 40 years now. It all began with watching films from the 1930s and 40s when I was a little girl. They held such a fascination for me, the clothes were just so beautiful! Back in the 70s, it felt so special to go out in a 30s velvet jacket or a silk bed jacket and camisole with your jeans. My grandmother gave me some of her 1940s wool coats, jackets and dresses and one of my favorite pairs of 1940s shoes, which were made of a suede lace and they had chunky squared heels—I wore those to death!

I went into business at the age of 22 with my mentor, a British lady who had an amazing shop. I purchased my 30s wedding gown from her made of silk satin with seed pearl trim and a long train. I eventually opened my own shop in an amazing art deco ballroom space in the Westmount, Montreal area and had it for 9 years.

eBay came along and my husband and I decided to begin parting with some of our collections. It was easy at the beginning as eBay was fresh and rather exciting and people loved it. It became difficult to rely on eBay and so we diversified. Now we are selling over five different online venues, three shops on Etsy, VintageFanAtticCoolFoolVintage and PassedPossessions and our own Poppy’s Vintage Clothing website as well as Poppy’s Vintage Clothing on Ruby Lane.

I have been on the VFG board as a MAL before, as VP and as President. I have also been on the Membership Committee twice.

Member at Large: Cynthia Newport/StraylightVintage
My love for vintage started with playing dress up with my sister. I remember the satin flapper dress with black fringe, and a long black velvet opera coat, reversible to white satin. I have a photo of me at about eight in a green 50s tulle gown. My Mom loved to go “Junking”, so it was part of my life from an early age. My daughter, too, always preferred shopping at vintage and thrift stores over malls. Today she owns two Boston area consignment shops named Raspberry Beret—I shop for myself when I visit!

I learned to sew at 12, handy for mending vintage. I majored in fine art at University, and studied Fashion Illustration, Textile Design, and Costume Design. My work experience as a magazine graphic designer has helped immensely with product photography for E-commerce.

I love to travel and have lived in various regions of the U.S. as well as Taiwan and Costa Rica. Experiencing other cultures brings me great joy.

I started selling vintage online in 2011, currently at Fashion Constellate and Etsy. My favorite fashion era is probably the 30s, but to wear myself, the 60s—fun and simple styles, yet well made with beautiful fabrics. I love finding and saving textile treasures to be worn again. I once rescued a green silk Saks 5th Avenue 50s dress from a children’s dress-up box in a small town thrift store. It was in perfect condition, and its new owner was thrilled to wear it to the Kentucky Derby.

The Vintage Fashion Guild has been a great help to me with labels, fashion designers and many other resources. Today I am honored to be part of it all as Member at Large.

Member at Large: Heather Ramey/Noble Vintage Clothier
I started wearing vintage in my early teen years, raiding my parent’s old clothing from the 60s and 70s and pairing with combat boots of course. After graduating from VCU in Richmond, VA, where I studied fashion design, I moved to New York and worked as a designer until 2010 when I switched to freelance. I had been inspired by all of the vintage-themed parties I was dressing up for and attending, and thought maybe selling vintage could be a new career for me. Over the years I’ve sold at in-person events in NYC and Brooklyn such as Manhattan Vintage, A Current Affair and the Jazz Age Lawn Party. I also have a website, and a women’s and men’s shop on Etsy and a new shop on Thrilling as well as contributing to the VFG shop on Facebook. I have recently relocated to Virginia and have been setting up at the DC Flea. I became a VFG member in late 2011, and am constantly utilizing its resources, but 2022 is my first year on the VFG Board serving as a Member At Large.

Member at Large: Suzanne Williams/Vintage Runway
I was mostly raised in Florida. My degree from Stetson University in Deland, Florida is in Humanities concentrating on music. I worked as a travel agent and a flute teacher, co-directing a Suzuki music school for several years. I became a realtor in 2007, now retired. I still play the flute, both classical and Celtic/old time/bluegrass/folk and am in several bands. I moved to western North Carolina in 1989 with my husband and three now-grown children. This area is rich in Scots Irish heritage and the music reflects that.

Now, about vintage! I learned to sew at age 12 and enjoyed making clothing for myself and children. I love fabric, art, design and history. My mother and I loved antiquing and I discovered vintage children’s handkerchiefs. From there, I started a vintage-inspired baby clothing line, which ended after three years for lack of a profit. I had, however, gotten the bug to have my own business and I still loved vintage. I started listing some of my own 1970s clothing on Etsy and, lo and behold, they sold! That got me hooked and I was off. I opened Vintage Runway on Etsy in September 2009. I love everything about it. The sourcing, photographing, editing, cleaning, even ironing. I get bored easily but I have not gotten bored with Vintage Runway! I now sell on EtsyThrillingRuby Lane and Fashion Constellate. I also have a linens and bedding shop on Etsy called High Cotton Vintage, specializing in quilts and antique coverlets. I have been a member of The Vintage Fashion Guild since August 2014 and am proud to serve as a 2022 Member at Large.