Fall 2013 Vintage Inspiration

2013 Fall: Vintage Inspiration has arrived

Each spring and fall the VFG sleuths out the historical influences on modern fashion – the Vintage Inspiration.

This fall we start off with a bright pop of color, gathering orange hues from many eras.

Then, after years of oddly-balanced shoes and slouchy handbags, the fashion world seems bent again on structured bags and poised, pointed shoes. Let the VFG point the way to some vintage classics.

Next we take a wee tour of Scotland and fashions tartan, plaid, checked—and of course, vintage.

Finally, the influence of Christian Dior’s 1947 New Look is once again being felt in modern fashion, and could there be a more inspiring theme?

As of the date of publication the vintage items shown are for sale from the trusted members of the Vintage Clothing Guild.

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Orange Pop Get the Point Great Scott New Look Back

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