The company was started by my great-grandfather Max Cory Rudolf after he and his wife immigrated to this country from Austria-Hungary (when that was still a country). They came through Ellis Island in the 1910s or 1920s, and started Rudolf Gowns. It was an upscale dress company in New York City on 5th Avenue.

My grandfather, Charlie Rudolf, took over the business after WWII. After my grandfather took over the business he was the first one to bring Hubert de Givenchy to America and he did a line of dresses for Rudolf Gowns. Charlie Rudolf ran the company until he was forced to sell it when he became ill and my father and uncle were too young to take it over.

Our thanks to M. Rudolf for this information

from a 1950s dress - Courtesy of DeCoDiVa
from a 1950s dress
Courtesy of DeCoDiVa

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