Miss Dior

The Miss Dior line was launched in September 1967 and was a less expensive ready-to-wear line made to appeal to a younger customer.

The Miss Dior store was located on Rue Francois Premier, next door to the Dior couture house. For the first three years the Miss Dior line was sold in stores throughout France, but was not exported, so as not to compete with the Dior-New York label. It became available in the US in December 1970 and was an immediate success. The line was designed by Phillipe Guiborgé, who also designed the Dior Boutique line and was assistant to Marc Bohan in the couture house. Guiborgé is best remembered for designing a Dior Boutique dress in 1964 with the Dior logo printed all over it and he was the first French designer to use vinyl for sportswear. Miss Dior clothing was made in the Dior workrooms.

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from an early 1970s gown - Courtesy of coutureallure.com
from an early 1970s gown
Courtesy of coutureallure.com

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