Barsa, Odette

Odette Barsa (d. 1975) was a quality lingerie maker. Born in Syria, Odette came to the US where she married Simon Barsa in 1922. He owned a successful business, but experienced financial difficulty after the crash of the stock market in 1929. In the early 1930s, Odette decided to help out by forming her own manufacturing business, making lingerie.

In the early days the business was very small, with Odette and two others. She designed and cut the models, and was even the fit model. The business was a success, growing from one room at 16 East 34th Street to the entire floor.

Odette Barsa lingerie was luxurious, with imported embroideries and fabrics. She experimented with new lengths, and introduced the American market to the ballerina length which became popular in the 1950s.

After her death in 1975, Odette Barsa continued to be run for a while by her two sons.

Written by Lizzie Bramlett,

from a 1950s bed jacket - Courtesy of pinky-a-gogo
from a 1950s bed jacket
Courtesy of pinky-a-gogo

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