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This week there’s no need to read between the lines, as the Vintage Fashion Guild is making a beeline for stripes!

Stripes in fashion have moved on from centuries ago, when they were worn by outcasts in society. In fact they have done a full 180, from representing the bars of a prison cell, to becoming a wardrobe essential. A modern day stripey line-up includes all the usual suspects… smart pinstripes, nautical Breton, colourful candy, flattering vertical or striking zebra stripes. Versatile and suitable for all ages, when saying it with stripes you need never toe the line! Make your own mark with dashing neon, chevron, rainbow, wavy or go-faster racing stripes.

Our VFG members have earned their stripes, so align with us for more top-of-the-line vintage fashion! Visit our fabulous forums for more!