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If you want some vintage fashion books but don’t know where to start, want to expand your knowledge or specialize, or just enjoy pages of eye candy, you will love the VFG bookshop. All the books have been recommended by our trade members and forum users. With our international users in mind, we created two shops, on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.

Click here for the VFG Bookshop USA

Click here for the VFG Bookshop UK

We’ve spent time compiling an amazing reading list, and put all the books for sale in one place, where they are supplied and delivered through Amazon. There are some rare and unusual titles that you might not otherwise hear about, and of course books by our own members. There’s even a fiction section with novels featuring vintage fashion! It’s not only books – we’ve also included a selection of useful cleaning products for your vintage wardrobe, and some handy things for sellers.

To help you browse, you’ll see different ‘shelves’ on the left hand side. To go directly to a shelf, you can also click the links below (to the USA shop).

Latest Additions! | Selected VFG Member books | Pre-19th Century Fashion | Victorian and Edwardian Fashion | 20th Century Fashion | History of Fashion over the Centuries | Children’s Fashion | Exhibition Catalogues | Fabric and Sewing | Fashion Designers | Hats Shoes and Accessories | Jewelry | Lingerie | Menswear | Price Guides | Sears Catalogs | Gift ideas | Fiction | Laundry and Stain Removal Products | Cleaning & Restoration Products | Products for Sellers |

As well as being an educational resource, the bookshops are a VFG fundraising initiative. The VFG is a member of the Amazon Associates programme, and earns a small commission on all products sold, at no extra cost to you or the authors. Funds raised are used to support the work of the Vintage Fashion Guild, including maintaining and developing our website and its free resources. So by shopping in our bookshops you can support the VFG, as you develop your book collection.

The Vintage Fashion Guild (VFG) is a non-profit volunteer-run international organization dedicated to the promotion and preservation of vintage fashion.

Special thanks are due to former VFG member Lei Marvin of Corsets & Crinolines (crinolinegirl) for her work in compiling the original booklist that was a starting point for the shops’ contents. The Vintage Fashion Guild is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.

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