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Louisville Department Store - Courtesy of Hollis Jenkins-Evans,

Fashion History : Louisville Department Stores

Monday, March 17, 2014

They were unique. They were of their time. And they were ours. And now, they are all but gone. Like so many other American cities, Louisville once had scores of local clothing stores that were institutions. One grew up and learned to shop were one’s mother and aunts shopped, not unlike following family traditions regarding one’s choice of church, doctor and attorney. Ladies went downtown to shop to the flagship buildings of Stewart’s, Selman’s or

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Early 1950s elegant casino gown - Courtesy of Vintagetrend

Fashion History : Las Vegas Style

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Fashion brings to mind so many stylish cities: Paris, New York, London, Milan, Las Vegas? Las Vegas? Okay, so it may not be the capital of couture, but there is a certain look associated with this vibrant city. Remember Sharon Stone in Casino and what do you see? Acid coloured crochet pantsuits with bare midriffs, pale pink lipstick and big blonde hair. Dino or Frankie or any of the Rats might enjoy lounging about backstage

Regional Style & Stores, Cities

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