VFG Fashion Parade

Everybody Loves a Parade! This week: “Garden of Earth Day Delights”

The VFG has a parade every day – a VINTAGE parade, that is!

Each week the VFG seller members are invited to show off their vintage that fits a theme. Themes change from week to week, highlighting a theme for the season, a particular color or style, or something just for fun. We have some really fun themes coming, so why not join us in the Fashion Parades Forum to see what comes by?

April Fashion Parade Themes

April 7~ Tie One On Vintage scarves and ties are an easy way to add a fresh look to your spring wardrobe. Tie one on… a vintage scarf that is!

April 14~ Fondant Colors This week we are showcasing deliciously colorful vintage clothing, jewelry & accessories! Not the shy shades—we are in the mood for the bright pastels of fondants.

April 2~ Garden of Earth Day Delights For Earth Day we at the VFG are celebrating with flowers. Flower prints and flower-themed jewelry and accessories from all eras will remind us that vintage is good for the wardrobe. Vintage is also the most beautiful of recycling…good for the Earth.

April 28~ Dots and Dashes You don’t need to know Morse code to get the message: Dots and Dashes are signaling spring! We are featuring vintage clothing and accessories in classic polka dots and striped patterns this week.

A garden of vintage flowers from the VFG - See these and more in the forums

A garden of vintage flowers from the VFG See these and more in the forums

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